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give me a romantic kural

Kural 55: Love is the foundation of a strong relationship. Just like how our body and soul are connected, love binds two people together. When we are in love, we experience a peaceful and fulfilling life. Our beloved is like our life force, bringing us joy and happiness. However, sometimes others may misunderstand our love and think that our beloved is distant and unloving. Love creates a deep desire within us, which leads to the beautiful bond of friendship. Our lover resides in our heart, giving us eternal delight. We cherish this love so much that we are even afraid to eat hot food, as it might cause discomfort to our beloved. Love is different from honey, which only brings pleasure when consumed. Love brings joy even when we simply look at our beloved. It is believed that the connection between our soul and body in this life is a result of the love and virtue we shared in a previous birth.