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What advice does Thirukural offer for overcoming adversity?

Thirukkural advises that even in times of sorrow and troubles, one should have a courageous mindset. This means that instead of giving up or getting overwhelmed by difficulties, one should stay determined and focused on their goals. It is important to remember that troubles will eventually disappear if we continue to face them with strength and perseverance. Even if someone lacks knowledge or education, they can still seek guidance from wise people and learn from their teachings. By considering pain as pleasure and not letting troubles affect us, we can gain respect and admiration even from our enemies. It is also suggested that we should not see trouble as something negative, but rather understand that it is a part of life. In order to confidently face challenges, it is recommended for ministers to learn logic and reasoning. Lastly, Thirukkural emphasizes that nothing is too difficult to achieve if we approach it with careful planning and unwavering determination.