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Kural : 676 , Explain using story

முடிவும் இடையூறும் முற்றியாங்கு எய்தும்
படுபயனும் பார்த்துச் செயல்.

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Ravi who dreamed of becoming a successful businessman. He had a brilliant idea for a new product, but he was hesitant to take action because he was afraid of the obstacles he might encounter along the way.

One day, Ravi met an old wise man who told him about Kural number 676. The wise man explained that before taking any action, Ravi should consider the exertion required, the obstacles to be encountered, and the great profit to be gained on its completion.

Ravi took the wise man’s advice and started working on his idea. He encountered many obstacles along the way, but he persevered and eventually launched his product. It was a huge success, and Ravi became a wealthy and respected businessman.

The moral of the story is that before taking any action, it is important to consider the effort required, the obstacles that may arise, and the potential rewards. With careful planning and determination, anyone can achieve their dreams.