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சொலல்வல்லன் சோர்விலன் அஞ்சான் அவனை
இகல்வெல்லல் யார்க்கும் அரிது.

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a young boy named Ravi. Ravi was known for his exceptional power of speech. He could captivate anyone with his words and had the ability to inspire and motivate people around him.

One day, a group of mischievous boys from a neighboring village decided to play a prank on Ravi. They wanted to test his power of speech and see if they could conquer him with their tricks. They planned to challenge Ravi to a debate and try to outsmart him.

When Ravi heard about the challenge, he gladly accepted it. He knew that his power of speech was not just about winning debates, but also about using his words wisely and ethically. He believed in the importance of truthfulness and courage.

On the day of the debate, a large crowd gathered to witness the battle of words between Ravi and the mischievous boys. The boys tried their best to trick Ravi with their cunning arguments and false statements. But Ravi remained calm and composed.

With his eloquence and wisdom, Ravi countered every argument with facts and logical reasoning. He never resorted to deceit or manipulation. His words were like arrows, piercing through the false claims of his opponents.

As the debate progressed, the mischievous boys started to realize that they couldn’t conquer Ravi with their intrigue. His power of speech, combined with his faultless and fearless nature, made him invincible. The crowd was in awe of Ravi’s ability to speak the truth with such clarity and conviction.

In the end, Ravi emerged victorious, not just in the debate but also in teaching a valuable lesson to everyone present. His story spread far and wide, inspiring people to use the power of speech for good and to never succumb to deceit or timidity.

And so, Ravi became a legendary figure in the village, known for his ethical and powerful speech. His story continues to be told, reminding us of the importance of honesty, courage, and the incredible impact our words can have on others.