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Kural : 511 , Explain in simple english

நன்மையும் தீமையும் நாடி நலம்புரிந்த
தன்மையான் ஆளப் படும்.

Based on the provided text, I can explain the concept of selecting and employing someone for a position of importance. The kural states that a person who is able to weigh both the good and the bad in any situation and choose the good should be employed by a king. This suggests that a person’s nature and ability to make wise decisions is important in selecting them for a position of power. To make it easier to understand, we can think of it like choosing a captain for a ship. You would want someone who can navigate through rough waters and make good decisions to keep the ship and crew safe. Similarly, a king would want someone who can make good decisions for the benefit of the kingdom.