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Kural : 52 , Explain using story

மனைமாட்சி இல்லாள்கண் இல்லாயின் வாழ்க்கை
எனைமாட்சித் தாயினும் இல்.

Once upon a time, there was a great king who had everything he could ever want - wealth, power, and fame. However, he was not happy because he did not have a wife who possessed domestic excellence. He searched far and wide for a wife who could cook, clean, and take care of their home, but he could not find one.

One day, he met a woman who was beautiful and intelligent, but she did not possess domestic excellence. He decided to marry her anyway, thinking that her other qualities would make up for it. However, after they were married, he realized that he was not happy because their home was always in disarray and he had to take care of everything himself.

He realized that the worth of a wife is not just in her beauty or intelligence, but also in her ability to take care of their home and make it a comfortable and welcoming place. From that day on, he searched for a wife who possessed both domestic excellence and other great qualities. And when he found her, he was finally happy and content in his conjugal state.