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Kural for newly married couples

The Thirukkural teaches that if a married couple has love and virtue, it will be both their duty and reward. The marriage state is considered virtuous, but even if others do not approve of it, it can still be good. Love is important in a marriage and brings pleasure even just by looking at each other. However, if a couple marries for lust, they may experience quarrels, reconciliation, and intercourse, but this is not true love. A wife who is chaste and stable is an excellent partner for her husband, and good children are the jewels of their goodness. If a woman shows reverence to her husband, she will obtain great excellence in the world. Living together and frequent intercourse are not necessary for friendship in a marriage; mutual understanding is what creates a strong bond. Finally, a woman who is adorned with modesty and meekness is more valuable than any other jewel.