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What are the lessons of leadership?

The lessons of leadership are about understanding the people you are leading and speaking to them in a way that they can understand. It is important to not just talk about how things should be done, but actually do them yourself. When you are teaching people who are capable of understanding on their own, it is like watering plants that are already growing. If someone can speak well and in the right order, people will listen to them. A king should always keep an eye on his servants’ behavior, because if they are honest, then the world will be honest too. When choosing a king, look for someone who has love, knowledge, a clear mind, and is not greedy. It is important to consider both a person’s good qualities and their faults when judging their character. A person’s actions show whether they are great or small. Ministers should always give helpful advice, but they should never suggest useless actions, even if they are asked to.