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How to be happy?please let me know

To be happy, you should follow these teachings from Thirukkural:

  1. Observe and do the things that are praised by wise people. Neglecting them will bring unhappiness for a long time.

  2. Believe that you can achieve whatever you think of. Positive thinking is powerful.

  3. When you are feeling joyful, remember those who have suffered due to neglect. This will keep you grounded.

  4. If you have the right tools and act at the right time, there is nothing difficult for you to accomplish.

  5. It is the duty of the learned to bring joy to others and make them long for future meetings.

  6. The joy of giving is greater than hoarding possessions. Don’t be blind to this happiness.

  7. A good king should possess love, knowledge, a clear mind, and freedom from greed.

  8. The soul can find joy in various forms. Seek and appreciate the different sources of happiness.

  9. When troubles come, try to laugh. Laughter has the power to drive away sorrow.

  10. Sometimes, those who are unaware of what is good experience more happiness than those who know. They are free from anxiety.

By following these teachings, you can find happiness in your daily life.