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How to prepare for presentation?

Before giving a speech, make sure you are confident that no one can argue against what you are saying. Understand your audience and their qualities before making your speech. If you can speak on various subjects in a pleasing manner, people will be more likely to accept what you say. It’s easy to say how to do something, but it’s harder to actually do it. If you can’t express your knowledge to others, it’s like having a flower with no fragrance. When giving a speech, try to make your audience want to hear more and understand what you are saying. Wisdom is being able to understand the subtlest thoughts in what others say. Your speech should make your friends want to be closer to you and even make your enemies want to be your friend. If you are speaking to people who already understand, it’s like watering plants that are already growing. And if you have good things to say, only say them to people who will appreciate them.