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How to attain peace

To attain peace, it is important to understand the qualities of the people you are speaking to and adjust your words accordingly. Wisdom lies in speaking in a way that is easily understood by others and being able to understand the hidden thoughts in their words. It is not enough to just talk about how things should be done; it is more important to actually do what you say. If you can speak on different subjects in a pleasing manner, people will readily accept you. If you are a king who wants long-lasting prosperity, start by investigating matters thoroughly and then punish with kindness. If you can control your anger, you will easily achieve whatever you desire. It is better to bear with insults and not retaliate, but it is even better to forget them. Before delivering a speech, make sure that no one can counter your arguments. If you can think of something and then think of it again, you can easily obtain it. Lastly, by being patient, you can overcome those who commit excesses due to their pride.