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What is virtue?

Virtue is doing what is right and good. It means behaving in a way that is morally good and avoiding actions that are morally wrong. Practicing virtue is important because it brings happiness and wealth. It is the source of all good things in life. Virtue is not just about showing off or pretending to be good, but it comes from having a pure and sincere mind. It is also about being free from negative qualities like hatred, greed, anger, and speaking harshly. True pleasure comes from living a virtuous life, especially in our relationships with our family and loved ones. The effects of virtue can be seen in the behavior of a person who carries a palanquin, a symbol of honor and respect. Being kind and accessible to everyone is a virtue that helps us gain goodness. When we understand the qualities of the people we are speaking to, we can communicate better and it is more valuable than wealth or any other material possessions.