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Adhigaram : Modes of Action , Explain in simple english

Sure, I’d be happy to help! Based on the kurals provided, it seems like the overarching theme is about how to approach decision-making and taking action in various situations.

Kural 671 emphasizes the importance of not only making a resolution or decision, but also following through with it in a timely manner. Delaying action can lead to negative consequences.

Kural 672 suggests that some actions can be put off or delayed, but others require immediate attention and action. It’s important to discern which is which.

Kural 673 speaks to the idea of conflict and fighting. It suggests that if it’s possible to overcome an enemy through fighting, then that’s a good option. However, if that’s not possible, then it’s important to find alternative methods to achieve success.

Kural 674 warns against incomplete execution of tasks or projects, as well as harboring hostility. These things can fester and cause harm in the long run.

Kural 675 provides a framework for decision-making by considering five factors: money, means, time, execution, and place. By taking all of these into account, one can make a more informed decision.

Kural 676 suggests that before taking action, it’s important to consider the effort required, potential obstacles, and potential benefits.

Kural 677 speaks to the importance of seeking guidance and advice from those who have knowledge and experience in a particular area.

Kural 678 cautions against using one project or task as a means to accomplish another, similar one. This can be risky and may not lead to success.

Kural 679 suggests that it’s sometimes more beneficial to form alliances with one’s enemies’ enemies, rather than focusing solely on helping one’s friends.

Finally, Kural 680 speaks to the idea of power dynamics and how smaller states may yield to larger ones out of fear.

Overall, these kurals provide guidance on how to approach decision-making and taking action in various situations. They emphasize the importance of considering multiple factors, seeking guidance and advice, and being mindful of potential risks and benefits.