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முகநக நட்பது நட்பன்று நெஞ்சத்து
அகநக நட்பது நட்பு.

Once upon a time, there were two friends named Ravi and Rohit. They had been friends since childhood and had always been there for each other through thick and thin. They would often spend hours talking and laughing together, sharing their dreams and aspirations.

One day, Ravi got a job offer in a different city and had to move away. Rohit was sad to see his friend go, but they promised to stay in touch and continue their friendship.

As time passed, Ravi became busy with his new job and started to neglect his friendship with Rohit. He would only call him once in a while and never made an effort to visit him.

Rohit was hurt by Ravi’s behavior and felt like their friendship was fading away. He tried to talk to Ravi about it, but he would always brush it off and say he was too busy.

One day, Rohit decided to confront Ravi and tell him how he felt. Ravi was taken aback by Rohit’s honesty and realized how much he had been neglecting their friendship.

From that day on, Ravi made a conscious effort to stay in touch with Rohit and make time for their friendship. They would talk on the phone regularly and even planned a trip together to catch up on lost time.

Through this experience, Ravi learned that true friendship is not just about the smiles on the surface, but about the love and care that dwells deep in the heart. He realized that he needed to nurture his friendship with Rohit and make it a priority in his life.

And so, Ravi and Rohit’s friendship grew stronger than ever before, and they remained the best of friends for years to come.