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Is there a kural about being not faithful to a spouse?

Yes, there is a kural about being unfaithful to a spouse. It says that even if someone is great in other ways, it doesn’t matter if they cheat on their spouse without considering the guilt. Cheating on a spouse brings everlasting guilt. The kural also says that a faithful wife is very valuable. Even if a person doesn’t do good deeds and does bad things, it is still good if they don’t desire someone else’s wife. Those who understand virtue and respect others’ property will not desire someone who is already married. Those who try to harm the wife of others are considered foolish. The kural also mentions that a man whose wife is not praised for her faithfulness cannot walk with pride in front of others who insult them. The kural says that marriage is considered virtuous, but the other state (being unmarried) is also good if others don’t criticize it. Those who desire harm for someone else’s wife are like dead people. Lastly, the kural asks if it is only suffering that a person faces when they try to protect their family from evil.