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Kural : 411 , Explain in simple english

செல்வத்துட் செல்வஞ் செவிச்செல்வம் அச்செல்வம்
செல்வத்து ளெல்லாந் தலை.

Sure, I can explain the concept of wealth as described in Kural Number 411. The kural states that wealth gained through hearing, or knowledge, is the most valuable form of wealth. This type of wealth is considered the chief of all wealth.

To understand this concept, think about how knowledge can lead to success and financial gain. For example, a person who has knowledge and skills in a particular field may be able to earn a higher salary or start their own successful business. On the other hand, someone who lacks knowledge and skills may struggle to find employment or earn a decent income.

The kural is reminding us that while material possessions may be important, knowledge and education are even more valuable. By investing in our own education and seeking out new knowledge, we can increase our wealth and improve our lives.