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Kural : 1321 , Explain using story

இல்லை தவறவர்க்கு ஆயினும் ஊடுதல்
வல்லது அவர்அளிக்கு மாறு.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen who was married to a handsome king. The king was perfect in every way, but the queen found herself feeling bored and unfulfilled in their marriage. One day, she confided in her wise friend who told her about the concept of temporary variance.

The friend explained that sometimes, even when everything is perfect, we can still crave a change or a challenge. The queen realized that this was exactly what she was feeling and decided to try and spice things up in her marriage.

She started by pretending to be annoyed with her husband’s affectionate gestures, even though she secretly loved them. The king was confused at first, but soon caught on and started to play along. They began to engage in playful banter and teasing, which brought a new level of excitement to their relationship.

The queen realized that sometimes, it’s not about finding fault in what we have, but rather finding new ways to appreciate and enjoy it. She and the king lived happily ever after, always finding ways to keep their love fresh and exciting.