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Kural : 985 , Explain in simple english

ஆற்றுவார் ஆற்றல் பணிதல் அதுசான்றோர்
மாற்றாரை மாற்றும் படை.

Yes, I can explain the concept of stooping as mentioned in Kural Number 985. According to this Kural, stooping to inferiors is a sign of strength for those who can accomplish their goals. It means that great people are not afraid to humble themselves and show kindness to those who are considered lower in status. This is a powerful weapon that helps them to avoid conflicts and win over their enemies. For example, a boss who treats their employees with respect and kindness is more likely to have a productive and loyal team. Similarly, a leader who listens to the concerns of their citizens and takes action to address them is more likely to have a peaceful and prosperous society. So, the idea is to use humility and kindness as a tool to achieve success and overcome obstacles.