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can you give me a writeup about the importance of food and health from thirukurals

According to Thirukkural, food and health are very important aspects of our lives. It teaches us that if we eat in moderation and choose food that agrees with us, we can avoid many problems and live a healthy life.

Thirukkural advises us to make sure our food is properly digested before eating again. This means that we should wait for our previous meal to be fully processed by our body before having another one. It also suggests that when we are very hungry, we should eat food that is not disagreeable to us.

Thirukkural also emphasizes the importance of sharing food with others. It says that one of the most important virtues is to partake in food that has been shared with others. This means that we should not only think about ourselves but also consider the well-being of other creatures.

Furthermore, Thirukkural tells us that if we eat in moderation, we can experience pleasure and avoid diseases. It warns against being a glutton and eating voraciously, as it can lead to health problems.

In summary, Thirukkural teaches us that by eating in moderation, choosing food that agrees with us, and sharing our food with others, we can maintain good health and avoid many diseases. It reminds us to be mindful of our eating habits and consider the well-being of others.