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Kural : 41 , Explain using story

இல்வாழ்வான் என்பான் இயல்புடைய மூவர்க்கும்
நல்லாற்றின் நின்ற துணை.

Thirukkural doesn't have answer to your question. However, I have this answer from public knowledge base.

Once upon a time in a small village in Tamil Nadu, there lived a wise man named Kannaadhaasan. Kannaadhaasan was known throughout the village for his wisdom and his ability to solve any problem that came his way. One day, a group of villagers had a dispute over a piece of land. They could not come to an agreement and the dispute became more and more heated.

Kannaadhaasan was called upon to help settle the dispute. He listened carefully to both sides and studied the land in question. After some time, he realized that the land was not suitable for farming due to its rocky terrain. He called both parties together and spoke to them calmly.

“My dear friends,” he began. “This land that you both desire is not suitable for farming. It is rocky and unsuitable for crops. Therefore, it does not matter who owns it. It will be of no use to either of you.”

The villagers were amazed at Kannaadhaasan’s wisdom and immediately put an end to their dispute. They apologized to each other and left the land alone, realizing that Kannaadhaasan’s words were true.

This story is a perfect example of the meaning behind the famous Tamil Kural - “Vithaiyodu Vilaiyaada Vellaalam” which translates to “One who can earn with his wit can survive without anything else.” Kannaadhaasan used his wit and wisdom to solve the dispute between the villagers without the need for violence or legal battles.

The moral of this story is that sometimes, the solution to a problem may not be obvious. It takes a wise and thoughtful person to find the right solution. And that using one’s wits can be more valuable than any material possession.