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Kurals on time management

Thirukkural teaches us about the importance of time management. It says that if we have the right tools and act at the right time, there is nothing difficult for us to accomplish. It also emphasizes the need to patiently wait for the right time before taking action. Just like a heron waits for the perfect moment to strike, we should also restrain ourselves and act when there is a favorable opportunity. The text compares the self-restraint of an energetic person to a fighting-ram that draws back before butting. It further states that it is easy to talk about how to do something, but actually doing it is much more difficult. However, if we approach a task carefully and with unwavering effort, there is nothing too difficult for us to achieve. The wise also understand the importance of controlling their anger and choose the right time to express it. Lastly, the text reminds us that time is precious and should not be wasted, as it is like a saw that cuts down our life.