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what is the first thirukkural

Thirukkural doesn't have answer to your question. However, I have this answer from public knowledge base.

The first Thirukkural is "Agara Mudhala Ezhuthellam Aadhi" which can be translated to "A" is the first letter among all letters.

This Thirukkural is about the importance of learning and education. Just like the English alphabet begins with the letter “A”, all knowledge and wisdom begins with learning the basics. Kural emphasizes the importance of starting with the fundamentals and building upon them to gain advanced knowledge.

In simple terms, this Thirukkural means that the first step towards knowledge and wisdom is to learn the basics. Just like we need to learn the letters of the alphabet in order to read and write, we need to learn the basics of any subject or skill before we can become experts in it.