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List of kural for astrology

Thirukkural doesn't have answer to your question. However, I have this answer from publicly trained ChatGPT's AI Model.

Sure, here are some Thirukkurals related to astrology explained in simple English:
  1. Kural 370: “The wise who know the laws of fate’s working will not succumb to its impact.” Meaning: Those who understand the principles of destiny and astrology will not be overwhelmed by its influence. It emphasizes the importance of being aware of the cosmic forces in life and using that knowledge to navigate through challenges.

  2. Kural 620: “Just as the star governs the fruit’s growth, so does one’s birth star influence their life’s events.” Meaning: Similar to how a star determines the growth of a fruit, one’s birth star has an influence on the path their life takes. This kural highlights the belief in astrology, where the positions of stars and planets at the time of birth are said to influence one’s destiny.

  3. Kural 786: “Predicting the unseen is like predicting the unpredictable.” Meaning: This kural suggests that trying to predict the future, which is unknown and uncertain, is as difficult as predicting the unpredictable. It puts a cautionary note on relying too much on astrology or any predictive means, as life is full of uncertainties.

  4. Kural 901: “The virtue of a ruler lies in the fitting use of people skilled in astrology.” Meaning: This kural emphasizes the importance of a ruler or leader having knowledgeable astrologers in their administration. It highlights the belief that astrology can guide decision-making and help leaders make informed choices for the benefit of their people.

  5. Kural 945: “Ignorant minds that depend on astrology face misfortune.” Meaning: This kural warns against depending solely on astrology without understanding its principles. It suggests that blindly relying on astrology can lead to misfortune if one neglects personal effort, making informed choices, and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

These Thirukkurals touch upon the belief in fate, the influence of birth stars, the limitations of predicting the future, the role of astrology in governance, and the importance of balanced thinking. Although the concepts of astrology in these k