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Kural : 759 , Explain in simple english

செய்க பொருளைச் செறுநர் செருக்கறுக்கும்
எஃகதனிற் கூரிய தில்.

Sure, I can explain the concept of accumulating wealth as described in Kural Number 759. The kural suggests that accumulating wealth can be a powerful tool in defeating one’s enemies, as there is no weapon sharper than wealth. This means that having wealth can give you an advantage over others and can help you overcome obstacles. However, it’s important to note that the kural does not promote arrogance or greed, but rather emphasizes the benefits of accumulating wealth in a responsible and strategic manner. For example, one could use their wealth to invest in their education or business, or to support their community and charitable causes. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that wealth can be a valuable resource, but it should be used wisely and with humility.