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How do i develop my thinking?

To develop your thinking, it is important to speak in a way that others can easily understand. Also, try to understand the hidden meanings in what others say. It is easy to get what you want if you can think about it again. When you speak, consider the qualities of the people listening to you and adjust your speech accordingly. If you can speak on different topics in a pleasing manner, people will appreciate you. It is easy to say how something should be done, but it is much harder to actually do it. Before giving a speech, make sure you are confident that no one can argue against what you say. Some people can understand your thoughts without you telling them, while others cannot. It is like how two people may look similar, but their thoughts are different. When you teach people who can understand things on their own, it is like watering plants that can grow by themselves. If you want to achieve something difficult, reflect on it and discuss it with trusted friends before taking action. If you cannot show others what you have learned, it is like having flowers that look beautiful but have no fragrance.