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Kural : 157 , Explain in simple english

திறனல்ல தற்பிறர் செய்யினும் நோநொந்து
அறனல்ல செய்யாமை நன்று.

Sure, I’d be happy to help! Based on the kural meaning you provided, the concept being discussed is the importance of patience and forbearance, even when others may harm or hurt us. The kural suggests that instead of retaliating or seeking revenge, it is better to show compassion towards those who have wronged us and to refrain from doing anything that goes against our moral values.

To put it simply, the kural is reminding us that it is always better to be patient and forgiving, even in difficult situations. It can be tempting to react with anger or aggression when someone hurts us, but this will only lead to more harm and negativity. Instead, by showing compassion and understanding, we can break the cycle of violence and promote peace and harmony.

For example, imagine that someone cuts you off in traffic and nearly causes an accident. Your first instinct might be to honk your horn, yell at them, or even try to retaliate by cutting them off in turn. However, if you take a moment to pause and reflect, you might realize that this kind of reaction will only make the situation worse. Instead, you could choose to take a deep breath, let the other driver go ahead, and focus on driving safely and calmly. By doing so, you are practicing patience and forbearance, and you are also setting a positive example for others on the road.

I hope this explanation helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or if there’s anything else I can do to assist you in understanding Thirukkural teachings.