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how to win friends and influence people

To win friends and influence people, it is important to understand the qualities of the people you are speaking to. Tailor your speech to their interests and needs, so that they feel connected to you. Your words should be delivered in a way that even your enemies would desire your friendship. If you can speak on various subjects in a pleasing manner, people will readily accept you. However, it is not enough to just talk about how things should be done; you must also act accordingly. The wise minister speaks in a way that makes the listeners want to hear more and understand the meaning behind the words. It is also important to surround yourself with pure and trustworthy friends, while letting go of friendships with those who do not align with the values of the world. If your friends do things for you without being asked, it is a sign of true friendship and should be appreciated. Wisdom lies in speaking in a way that the listener can easily understand and being able to grasp the hidden thoughts in others’ words. Those who cannot showcase their knowledge are like flowers without fragrance. Lastly, it is beneficial to let go of friendships with foolish people.