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About Thirukkural

Thirukkural is a collection of 1330 couplets, or kurals, written by the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar over 2000 years ago. Each kural conveys a valuable moral or ethical lesson that is relevant to our daily lives even today.

Here are few ways in which Thirukkural can help in life:

  • Provides guidance on ethical living: Thirukkural offers insights on a wide range of ethical issues, such as righteousness, honesty, compassion, and forgiveness. By following these principles, one can lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

  • Encourages personal growth: Thirukkural offers practical advice on how to improve oneself, both intellectually and emotionally. It encourages individuals to be lifelong learners and to constantly work towards becoming better versions of themselves.

  • Fosters healthy relationships: Thirukkural offers guidance on how to build and maintain healthy relationships with others, whether it be with family, friends, or colleagues. By following these principles, one can create deeper and more meaningful connections with others.

  • Helps navigate life's challenges: Thirukkural offers valuable insights on how to navigate life's challenges, such as loss, grief, and adversity. It provides a roadmap for dealing with these challenges in a healthy and constructive manner.

In summary, Thirukkural offers timeless wisdom that can help us lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Its teachings are universal and can be applied to all aspects of life, from personal growth to social interactions to navigating lifes challenges.

About Kuralbot

Kuralbot is my passion project that aims to make the ethical teachings of Thirukkural accessible and practical for daily life.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Kuralbot provides simple and concise explanations of Thirukkural's teachings, making it easier to understand and apply them in daily life.

Kuralbot solves the problem of the difficulty in remembering all of the 1330 Thirukkurals and finding knowledge about specific topics one wants to learn or improve in life. It acts as a motivational coach that provides strategies and practical steps to live according to Thirukkural's principles.

With Kuralbot, individuals can lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life by following Thirukkural's ethical teachings on topics such as righteousness, honesty, compassion, and forgiveness, and improve themselves intellectually and emotionally.

Kural Bot is Built with

  • Open AI's GPT 3.5 model.

  • Python LlamaIndex OpenAI embeddeing search and query.

  • Python FastAPI Websocket server for the backend server.

  • Nuxtjs for the frontend.

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